We are devoted to offering the greatest number of high-value brokerage services available in the industry.  While some brokers stop at the shop and renew model, CIBC goes over and above to offer services that provide a great deal of advantage for the employer at no additional fee. We are a full-service benefits firm, and we are committed to passing these levels of service onto our valued clients so that their benefit experience is more productive.  We know that your goal is to attract and retain the right employees, and we want to help you to use benefits to achieve that goal.  Here are some of our no-cost value-added services.


Reva Metcalf

Reva Metcalf

CIBC is one of the few firms in the market that offers dedicated, personalized advocacy solutions.  Our advocacy team is available to your employees on a direct basis, helping to make them more satisfied with their benefits while also taking work off of your plate.  As the leader of our advocacy department, Reva has over 20 years of experience and her expertise and genuine care is unmatched in the industry.



CIBC is committed to the theory that educated employees make better workers.  It is for that reason that our team takes great pride in providing enhanced education for our clients employees in the area of benefits.  Employees need to understand the basic concepts of Deductible, Co-Pay, Co-Insurance, and Out-of-pocket Maximum in order to begin to successfully utilize their benefits.  At a deeper level, employees should understand some of the more complex issues such as provider networks, HRA and HSA plan designs, and understanding and Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  Our staff meets directly with your employees to help them make good plan selections, and then to help the successfully implement the plan that they have decided to employ.  We meet with new employees and provide in-depth understanding of how their insurance products work for them.  This means less work for your HR Department and more satisfied employees.



All CIBC clients receive access to the CIBC Client Portal which is an online library of reference materials that focus on HR and Compliance issues such as the ACA, FMLA, Wellness, COBRA, HIPAA, and much more.  In addition, the portal features a HR Community where solutions can be shared with other HR professionals.  All information is kept up-to-date and is available for download by our clients.  This incredibly valuable resource is offered at no charge to the CIBC client base.  
Furthermore, this resource includes access to the HR HOTLINE tool which allows clients to ask specific questions of HR professionals.  Responses are both prompt and thorough, giving accurate guidance in a timely fashion.


CIBC offres its clients complementary guidance in the realm of wellness plan design.  From simple health screenings to full-blown wellness initiatives, CIBC has considerable experience in assisting clients in meeting their corporate wellness goals.  We are well-versed in the wellness offering of major carriers including Go365, CHC Well Being, Catapult, UHC RealAppeal, and many more.  In addition, we have assisted customers in designing their own unique comprehensive wellness programs.