Request for RFP Checklist – New Groups
The following information is required and must be completed prior to sending a new group to the analyst team for quoting. All prospective client RFP requests must be sent to Amanda for proper assignment to the analyst team. If any of the below information is not provided, the group will be returned to the account manager for completion prior to the group being sent out for RFP.

Effective Date to Quote *
Effective Date to Quote
Is the Group in Brokerage Builder *
Do we have a census? *
Is the census complete? *
*Census requirements are first name, last name, date of birth, gender, zip code, relationship to employee, election for each plan to be quoted. Dependent information is required for those that are covering dependents on the plan. Information on all eligible employees waiving coverage will also be required. If disability or salary based benefits are being quoted, salary and/or job titles will be required as well.
*To calculate ATNE, use the prior calendar year. Take the total employee count (full time, part time, etc) for each month, add those numbers together and divide by 12.
Coverage To Quote (check all that apply)
Does the group currently have medical coverage?
If yes, what renewal date?
If yes, what renewal date?
Does the group currently have
Does the group currently have ancillary coverage?
Renewal Date
Renewal Date
Do you have documentation on current benefit details that will be emailed to Amanda? *
If yes, please email and you may be able to skip the next 3 questions
** For large groups (over 50), additional information may be required prior to sending out an RFP – specifically copies of current SBC’s/benefits summaries, current/renewal rates on current carrier paper, tax ID number, etc.
*If ancillary coverage is being quoted, how the employer is contributing towards the benefits will have an impact on how the rates are quoted.
Do you have a meeting scheduled with the group? *
What date would you like to have the proposal?
What date would you like to have the proposal?
Standard turnaround time is 1-2 weeks